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6 Figure Creative Podcast

Weekly advice, strategies, and interviews To Help creatives build a stable income doing what they love

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About The Hosts

We know it can be awkward when you combine creativity with money. When you put your heart and soul into something, how are you supposed to put a price on that?

How do you “put yourself out there” to find more clients without feeling “salesly” and desperate?

What are you supposed to do when all your gigs dry up and you’re not sure when the next one will be?

We have each earned over 7 figures during their combined 20+ years of creative freelance experience, and we're dedicated to helping you own your own journey to becoming a 6 Figure Creative.

Brian Hood

Hi, I'm the guy writing this stuff. Long story sort, I've built two 7-figure businesses–one as a freelance music producer and another as an educator. I've also built four separate 6-figure streams of income in various industries ranging from the the music industry, audio software, vacation rentals, and real estate spec builds. As a serial entrepreneur, I've been forced to develop many different skills around sales, marketing, problem-solving, and strategy.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham has also earned over 7 figures as a freelancer mastering engineer. As a master of systems and marketing, he built a business that allowed him to handle hundreds of mastering project per year while automated many of the tedious, no-creative parts of his business. Chris' super powers include Google PPC ads, Apple Script, Zapier, and coffee roasting.