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Make Your Clients Worth More $$$$ By Avoiding These 6 Mistakes | The Freelance F*ckups Series

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In any freelance business, there are two ways to increase your income:
  1. Get more clients
  2. Make each client worth more.
While most freelancers focus on the first method, most of us ignore blatantly obvious ways you can make each and every client worth more $$$ to your business.
The beauty of focusing on how you can make each and every client worth more is that the improvements you make here can have a massive impact for the rest of your life.
Despite this, few freelancers spend time thinking about how they can better monetize the clients they already have. And that's where this episode comes in handy.
So, if you're maxed out on clients, and you're looking for ways to still increase your income (without burning yourself out), this episode is for you.
In this episode you’ll discover:
  • Why knowing your AACV is vital to your business
  • Focusing on outcomes rather than hours worked
  • Why you might have to start working for someone else
  • The pitfall of offering low-value services
  • Methods you can use to increase your AACV
  • Why you struggle with pricing your offering
  • The difference between working with people vs. businesses
  • Why you should work for rich clients

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