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Turn Your Hours Into More Dollars By Fixing All 5 Parts Of Your Freelance Machine

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Here's a concept that will make you more money – everything in business is based on inputs and outputs.
Yes, this sounds soulless, and yes this seems to take away the creativity, but stick with me.
It's all about understanding how your freelance business operates, just like any other machine out there.
Picture this: When you work a regular job, you know your input is your time, and the output is your hard-earned cash, right? It's simple.
Similarly, with a car, you put in gasoline, and you get mileage or horsepower as the output. Easy peasy.
But here's the thing: Many freelancers forget about this essential concept of inputs and outputs, and it's holding them back.
You see, the more input you put in, the greater the output…
  • Work more hours, get more dollars.
  • Pump more gas, get more miles.
  • Rob more stores, get more jail time
Makes sense so far, right?
But here's the kicker: It's not just about two-dimensional thinking…
There's a crucial factor determining your output more than anything else, and that's the actual machine.
Better job = more $$ for the same hours.
Better car = more miles for the same amount of gas.
Your freelance business is the machine in question here. Just how well-oiled is it?
Here's where things get interesting – the better your freelance business machine, the higher your income and the less you'll need to work on things you don't want to do. Leverage is the name of the game.
But let's be real. Some of you might be working for less than you could earn at McDonald's.
Nothing's worse than pouring your heart and soul into your work and feeling under-compensated.
So on this episode, we're breaking your freelance machine down into five major pieces, then talking about the inputs and outputs of every individual part.
Bring your toolbox, and let's start tinkering.
In this episode you’ll discover:
  • The inputs and outputs of your business
  • Using leverage to increase your hourly earnings
  • Generating leads via inputs and outputs
  • How to nurture leads in your ecosystem
  • Choosing the right leads to work with
  • Focusing on client success
  • Tripling your income by adjusting your pricing
  • Why taking action is so important

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