How One Freelancer Earns Over $300k Per Year Copywriting On Fiverr | With Alexandra Fasulo

Freelance creatives are struggling to make a living. The competition is fierce and the job market is saturated with new talent every day.

In this interview, Alex shares her story of going from a soul-sucking corporate job to Fiverr millionaire in just a few years. She also shares her advice for freelancers looking to get ahead in their creative careers, including how she got started on Fiverr, what it's like being an entrepreneur, and why you should consider starting your own business. 

This podcast will help freelance creatives understand that they don't have to settle for low pay or long hours – they can be their own boss! It will give them tips on how they too can create a successful side hustle while working full time as well as valuable insight into the world of entrepreneurship.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How your drive affects your business’ success
  • Why Fiverr might be an ok way to launch your business
  • Why working 10-12 hours a day isn’t always the right move
  • How to handle internet haters
  • How you can pivot away from using platforms like Fiverr once you’re established
  • How to deal with imposter syndrome
  • Why it takes time to grow a business
  • Why Fiverr may or may not be good for creative entrepreneurs